2012 National Internship & Co-op Study - The Results



Since 2005, Intern Bridge has been the leader in conducting some of the most monumental research projects in the experiential education field. Our surveys continue to be the largest student-driven internship-focused research instruments in the nation. The 2012 National Internship and Co-op Study, implemented on college campuses across the nation during the fall semester of 2012, has been completed and now it is time to share the results!

As with all of our past research, the 2012 survey collected internship and co-op related information from students in all of the key areas of experiential programming. The areas measured include why students pursue internships and co-op experiences, program structure, supervisors, marketing, orientation, evaluation, compensation, and so much more. This comprehensive study collected data surrounding students that have completed an internship or co-op experience, in addition to those that have not.  

In all, over 11,000 current college students from across the nation participated in this study!  This is your opportunity to hear directly from the students you are recruiting for your organizations internships and cooperative education opportunities!

Join us for this interactive web program to review the results on February 22nd at 1:00pm ET and engage in the vital discussion of helping students make the transition from college to the world of work.  By registering for this program, you will receive the 2012 Internship & Co-op Salary Report and a very special discount code for the 2013 Internship Legal Update!