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At Intern Bridge, we strongly believe that all internships should offer hourly monetary compensation. This best practices recommendation is based on countless hours of proprietary research utilizing survey responses from over 100,000 students, discussing the issues with our nationwide network of career center and human resources practitioners, and taking into account critical business and economic principles.

While we consistently advocate for paid opportunities for students, unpaid internships have built a strong presence in the internship space. Recently, the Department of Labor began an awareness campaign to share information regarding potential legal issues with hosting unpaid interns. This Unpaid Internship Resource Center has been designed to share as much up-to-date information as possible.

Below, you will find numerous Intern Bridge products and services, in addition to important links to the Department of Labor website, media websites, and blogs (browsing the "comments" sections on each site yields interesting viewpoints.) Do you have a link that should be added or a question about unpaid internships? Please email us at info@internbridge.com.

Intern Bridge Resources

Fair Labor Standards Act Whitepaper

Consulting For Universities: The Unpaid Internship Working Session

The Debate Over Unpaid College Internships. A research paper by Dr. Phil Gardner

Free Webinar: The Internship Legal Update (November 2013)

The Impact of Intern Salary Whitepaper

The Business Case for Paying Interns Whitepaper

Organizational Audit Flyer

Recorded Content

National Public Radio: Questioning the Ethics of Unpaid Internships

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships with Dr. Robert Shindell

Minnesota Public Radio: Unpaid Internships- Priceless Experience?

Economic Policy Institute Forum: Financing Internships for Low-Income Students

Department of Labor

Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Opinion Letter FLSA2006-12

Opinion Letter FLSA2004-5NA

Opinion Letter FLSA2002-8

Official Statements / Reports

13 College Presidents to Department of Labor

Economic Policy Institute to Department of Labor: Response to 13 University Presidents

Joseph Aouin, President of Northeastern University, Editorial

Economic Policy Institute: Paving the Way through Paid Internships

Senator John Kerry to Department of Labor

Congressman Issa to President Obama

Court Rulings / Current Cases

Solis v Laurelbrook internship ruling 2011

Eric Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures Inc. (The "Black Swan" Case)

The Carlie Rose Show Case

List of Current Intern Lawsuits

Selected Media Coverage

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New York Times: The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not

Columbia University Stops Academic Credit for Internships

Fox News: Obama Administration Considers Cracking Down on Unpaid Internships

Wall Street Journal: Do Unpaid Internships Favor the Rich?

Inc. Magazine: Watch Out - That Unpaid Intern Could Cost You

Huffington Post: Your Unpaid Internship Ate My Social Mobility