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Intern Bridge is excited to announce the 2014 National Internship and Co-op Study.


Over the past eight years, Intern Bridge has conducted some of the most monumental research projects in the experiential education field. Our surveys continue to be the largest student-driven internship-focused research instruments in the nation. The National Internship and Co-op Study, to be implemented on college campuses across the nation during the fall semester of 2014, is promised to be a cutting-edge student focused research project on internships like none other.

Imagine being able to collect critical and detailed internship and co-op information from your student population with ease. Our Internship and Co-op Study allows universities to gather in-depth data that would otherwise be impossible and cost-prohibitive to obtain.

This section of our website has been dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information necessary for you to understand how a research partnership with Intern Bridge and the National Internship and Co-op Study can benefit your students.  

CLICK HERE to register to be a part of this vital research project.