Internship Salary 2012:

The Trends, Data and Impact on Students & Employers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 1:00PM (Eastern Time)

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About The Program

Should interns receive a wage? If so, how much? What about college credit and employee benefits? What about federal laws? Is there a business case to offer compensation?

You will never think the same about intern compensation again. The success of your program relies on it.

Intern compensation is, by far, the most controversial area of internship programming. A recession, lack of data, and general disconnect between employers and students has resulted in a volatile intern compensation market. Certain industries pay more than others, where other industries are notorious for not paying at all.

A recent report issued by Intern Bridge shows an extraordinary connection between intern compensation and the success of an internship program. The report is based on proprietary Intern Bridge data based on the detailed research of over 27,000 students from over 225 universities throughout the nation.

This online program seeks to explore the numerous and complex issues surrounding intern compensation. Don’t miss your chance to learn about never-before analyzed data from a leading industry expert. Join Intern Bridge for this engaging and interactive two-hour program. All registrants will receive a digital copy of the Intern Bridge Internship Salary Report - over 100 pages of internship compensation data, an $80 value!

This program is also approved for 2 CEU credits from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

Program Outline:

  • The business case for paying interns
  • Connecting the purpose of internship programs with compensation
  • It's all about meaningful experience, not money
  • The impact on disadvantaged students
  • Organizational responsibility and workforce development
  • Legalities associated with paid vs unpaid internships
  • Comparative data behind internships
  • Why specific dollar amounts matter
  • Specific compensation data highlights
  • Impact of recession on internship salaries
  • 2011 internship salary trends

What People Are saying About This Program:
The Intern Wages webinar was really helpful. The new information I received from the webinar and the Internship Salary Report document made a difference in our new company wide guidelines for summer interns. Starting this summer, all internships will be either paid or credit based.  We have eliminated the option for unpaid interns except in the case of a credit-based internship which requires faculty advisor involvement and oversight. I am glad I signed up for the webinar and I highly recommend others to participate in Richard Bottner's webinars.
Samuel A. Koroma - Plan USA

The Intern Wages webinar provided fantastic information that is already proving valuable as our campus works toward developing more structured internship program guidelines.  Along with the variety of great reports offered, the additional constructive tips for motivating employers to compensate interns were not only helpful, but we’ve already put them into action on our campus and seen positive results!
Erin O’Dea - The Art Institute of Charleston

The Intern Wages webinar was extremely helpful.  I have many employers who call each year to ask what other companies are offering, intern pay averages and the like so the timeliness of this session was appreciated.  This session has also helped me form my argument for adding intern course credit into our curriculum. Thank you for the helpful information.  I'll be attending more of your sessions in the future!
Angelia Knight
University of Alabama

The Intern Wages Webinar was informative, timely and thought provoking.  It’s an issue we are all facing, and the information I gained in this webinar will help me with the internal and external conversations that need to be held regarding this issue.
Patti Goff - Providence College

Intern Bridge took a ubiquitous concern among internship practitioners nationwide and addressed it thoroughly and concisely. The presentation had a lot of useful information for all participants, employers and higher education professionals alike.  Of particular interest to me was the survey information on the going salary rates for interns by field and region.  I also value Richard Bottner’s zeal for providing legal documentation, and quantitative and qualitative data to support student interns being paid for the work they do for profit generating businesses. Great Job!
Amy Bravo - New York Institute of Technology