Thought Leaders Symposium Spotlight – Joy Asher

Joy Asher – Defining Your Destiny Today! 

Over the past few years, there’s been a sea change in career services: how we define the work that we do, how we think about and deliver services to our students, how we collaborate with other departments on campus, and even the role we play within our institutions. The career centers we hear about being most successful in these areas often seem to be the ones that have undergone major transformations in staff sizes and resources. But how can you change with the times and implement these trends without massive restructuring? Learn how one career center at a small liberal arts college has used vision, drive, outreach and persistence to provide their students with a transformational experience, leverage effective partnerships with constituents across campus, successfully capture and utilize learning outcomes, and become a key part of the ecosystem of the college.

Here’s a little bit about Joy…

Joy Asher is the Director for the Center for Career & Professional Development at Centre College.  Upon assuming the role of director three years ago, Joy implemented an innovative strategic vision for the career center.  She currently provides oversight and strategic direction for the career center and serves on the Expanded Senior Staff of the College.   Joy has over 18 years of experience in career services.  She has served as a committee chair for the Southern Association of Colleges and Employers and as president of the Kentucky Career Development Association.  She has a MS in Psychology from the University of Kentucky and is certified as a Master Career Specialist.

We hope you will join us for this engaging and timely conversation with Joy!


We have assembled an AMAZING line-up of Career Focused Thought Leaders from across the country for this one-day event!

On January 12, 2018, Intern Bridge is proud to present the 2018 Career Services Thought Leaders Symposium.  This one-day symposium is the premier professional learning and sharing event in North America for college & university career centers.  Each session is focused on cutting-edge topics impacting the career services industry.

As our dynamic career services profession evolves over time, we need actionable advice to drive systemic change from thought leaders in our field.  We also need to prepare for disruptive trends that can help us deliver results on our campus.

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